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About us

Objective & Quality

CRTIGN was formed to provide services in almost every aspect of corporate operations. We provide wide range of services to local and international companies build and develop their business. The mission of CRTIGN is to provide the most creative and well searched practical solutions to the challenges our client face in business environment. We understand your challenges and issues every step of the way, and will not be satisfied until we deliver the result you need

With our methodologies, we work with you as a strategic partner brings clear strategic
thinking and the best available approach to help you maximize your potential and
profitability. We focus solely on consulting in neutral position that enables us to
provide you objective solutions, and best business practices. Our innovative solutions
are based on your business not ours or vendors.

CRTIGN starts with the system in mind, and assists you in getting your organization from where it is today to where you want it to be tomorrow. CRTIGN is Kolkata -based
international consultant firm that provide you with a unique formula to establish and to optimize all areas of your business.

Our services are flexible and wide ranging and we can help you and your organization to meet the challenges of doing business in ever-changing economic climate.

CRTIGN approach to the client relationship can be summarized in two words: trusted
advisor. As a trusted advisor, we maintain our vendor neutrality to ensure that our
clients are receiving the best solutions without being influenced by our vendor ties